Jefferson Davis Parish Schools

An elementary student is practicing her writing skills.
Elementary students working in a computer lab.
Jennings High administrator and teachers at the state Louisiana Association of Computer Using Educators (LACUE).

Jennings High participants at the LaCUE conference.

Nursing students are standing in the Jennings Lobby
Oak trees surrounding a driveway.
Students experiencing a Coushatta Pow Wow.
Sunset over Jeff Davis Parish
A tugboat passing through one of our local rivers.
Young elementary students coloring.
Egrets following a tractor in a rice field.
A student is using a tablet to assist her with her school work.
A teacher using her active board to instruct her students.
Roseate spoonbills in a crawfish pond.
Students working collaboratively in groups.
An elementary student learning to read.
Bus Training

Bus Training.

A bulletin board containing various inspirational words.
Students are standing next to the Gulf Island Shipyards sign
A student writing his answer on an active board.
Rice farming in Jefferson Davis Parish.
Cypress knees in a local bayou.
Students are practicing medical procedures
Elementary students eating breakfast in the cafeteria.
A teacher is teaching a French lesson to her students.
Students are looking at a large auger
A sunrise in Jefferson Davis Parish.
A father and daughter are walking to school.
Students working with manipulatives.
Bus Training

Bus Training

Students entering the school bus to go back home.
Lake Arthur High team presented at the state Louisiana Association of Computer Using Educators (LACUE).

Lake Arthur High team presented at the state Louisiana Association of Computer Using Educators (LACUE).

This is a graphic representation of the educational priorities of Jefferson Davis Parish school system.
A student drawing of an alligator.
Principals participating in a monthly Principal Meeting.
Students working in groups to complete their math homework.
Students are standing next to the Jennings Hospital sign
A school displaying their school spirit with a stingers up banner.
A young girl drawing a picture in art class.
An egret perched on a stick in one of our bayous.
Students working on a research project in a computer lab.
A young girl putting up her book sack to prepare for the school day.
Students line up to form the letter A to show that their school earned an A on their school report card.
Cafeteria workers preparing lunch.
Cafeteria ladies serving breakfast.
Mrs.Rae Daigle is chosen as a semi-finalist for Louisiana State Principal of the Year.
A teacher giving a student specialized instruction.
Students are touring the Gulf Island Shipyard
Birds flying over a field
Students reading in the school's courtyard.
Students playing dodgeball in their Physical Education class.
Water lilies
A silhouette of farm equipment at sunset.
Students watering a plant in their school's courtyard.
Brown pelicans flying over the water
Students are touring the Gulf Island Shipyards
An alligator approaching a pond.
Students lined up ready to enter a classroom.
Sunset over a barn
A Dr.Seuss bulletin board encouraging students to read.
A student is practicing wiring in preparation for the Jefferson Davis Mechanics Contest.
Jennings Elementary School

Jennings Elementary

Mr.Roy Harris is reading to the students at Lake Arthur Elementary's Science Day.

Demonstrating techniques to students.

A student is practicing his welding skills in preparation for the Jefferson Davis Mechanics Contest.

Welding Class

Lacassine High School FACS Department

Lacassine High Cottage

Lake Arthur High School

Lake Arthur High School

Welsh Elementary School

Welsh Elementary Sign

Welsh High School

Welsh High School sign

Students experiencing a Coushatta Pow Wow.

Coushatta tribal dress.

Hathaway High School

Hathaway High School

JDPSB participants take part in hands-on lab at LaCUE.

Jefferson Davis participates in hands-on workshops at LaCUE conference.

A kindergarten class is utilizing their active board to increase student engagement.

Teaching with an interactive whiteboard.

Fenton Elementary School

Fenton Elementary

James Ward Elementary School

James Ward sign

A bulletin board reminding students of good typing practices.

Keyboarding class bulletin board

Fenton Elementary School

Fenton Elementary

Elton Elementary School

Elton Elementary

Jennings High School

Jennings High School

A flag flying high at one of our Jefferson Davis schools.

American Flag flying in the wind. 

Buses are lined up ready to pick up students to bring them to school.

Buses lined up.

Welsh High School

Welsh Greyhounds

West End Instructional Center

West End Instructional Center sign

Teachers and administrators are discussing future professional development.

PLC sign on door at Hathaway High School.

Students participating in a science experiment at Lake Arthur Elementary's Science Day

Students conducting a science experiement.

This is a graphic representation of the educational priorities of Jefferson Davis Parish school system.

Graphic showing the wheels that turn Student Achievement.

Fenton Elementary School

Fenton Elementary Sign

A typical scene of bales of hay and crawfish traps.

Hay field in Jeff Davis Parish

Welsh-Roanoke Junior High School

Welsh-Roanoke School

Elton High School

Elton High School

Teachers and administrators are discussing future professional development.

PLC meeting at Hathaway High

Our state flower, a magnolia

Magnolia Blossom 

Lake Arthur High Logo

Lake Arthur High Seal

A student is working on a small engine in preparation for the Jefferson Davis Mechanics Contest.

Small Engines Class

Elton Elementary School

Elton Elementary Sign

High School students are taking a college class through videoconferencing.

Students participating in video conferencing. 

Students participating in a science experiment at Lake Arthur Elementary's Science Day.

Students helping with demo.

News and Announcements

Back To School Message From The Superintendent

Back To School Image

On Friday, August 10, 2018, the students of Jefferson Davis Parish will return to school for the 2018 - 2019 school session.  This will be my second opening of school as the Superintendent of Jefferson Davis Parish Schools and I am very excited about what we have been able to accomplish in the previous year and what opportunities remain to be seized in the future.   Last year we experienced an unprecedented combination of academic and athletic successes.  We celebrated our District “A” designation from the state based on overall student academic achievement as well as two state championship titles, one from the Welsh Football Team and the other one from the Lady Cardinals Golf Team.  We also experienced two state runner up titles, one from the Welsh Baseball Team and the other one from the Lake Arthur Lady Tigers Basketball Team. 

Because of less and less financial support from the state, we have worked extremely hard to improve the efficiencies of all operational aspects of our school system and have made difficult but necessary decisions that have led to a significantly improved current financial position.  We have completed the 2017-18 financial year in a better financial position than we have been in in quite some time and we will continue to persevere to operate efficiently.

Every summer we gather school personnel and work on improving our professionalism and understanding of curriculum matters and our effectiveness as educators. These improvements always include a review and refinement in dozens of processes and procedures that we regularly implement.  A sample of some of the changes for next school year include additional choices to the school uniform garments, a teacher social media policy, improvements in the quarterly bench mark examinations, and improvements in our disciplinary procedures. 

We would like to congratulate and welcome several new school administrators to new leadership roles.  Ms. Amy Treme will take over as the new principal of Welsh Elementary School and Ms. Rory Myers will be the new principal of Jennings Elementary. 

Many of our communities have recently completed or will soon experience construction and facility improvement projects.  Lacassine High has finished Phase I and II projects and the school facility will open the doors this fall utilizing every aspect of the new additions.   The Welsh, Elton and Jennings school communities will soon initiate discussions about the direction and extent of potential improvement projects.

For the last three years Jeff Davis Parish has participated in the Federal CEP (Community Eligibility Program) through our school nutrition program at a great benefit to students, parents, and the district.   This is the program that allows the state to use prequalifying information to determine all students at a particular school site eligible for free breakfast and lunches.  The following schools are eligible to participate for the coming school year Jennings High, Welsh Roanoke, Lake Arthur High School, Jennings Elementary, Ward Elementary, Elton Elementary, Welsh Elementary and Lake Arthur Elementary.

 Our teachers and support staff are among the best in the state, and we are very fortunate to have each and every one of them.  We accept the challenge of elevating an already great system and improving it to the best of our abilities.  Good luck to all of our students as the new year begins and we look forward to assisting all to achieve their goals and beyond.

Important Message from the Superintendent

For the 2018-19 school year we are pleased to announce that the School Board has approved additional choices for parents regarding school uniforms. While nothing was removed from the long- standing uniform policy, the School Board did provide parents with additional uniform color and clothing choices.
The additional color choice for uniform polo shirts is Navy Blue, and each community was allowed to choose an additional school pride color worn at the principal’s discretion. Lacassine, Lake Arthur, and the Welsh communities have chosen the color red; Hathaway and Fenton have chosen royal blue while the communities of Elton and Jennings have chosen maroon. Additional uniform colors were added to socks, belts, undershirts, sweatshirts and jackets.
Additional clothing choices include ¼ zip jackets and leggings, both in uniform colors.
Students will be allowed to wear stud earrings, and hair styles must be of naturally occurring colors and shall not draw undue attention.
We hope these changes excite our students and provide our parents with choices that prove to be beneficial.

AHEC Of A Summer Program

Students are standing next to the Jennings Hospital sign

Jeff Davis Parish students completed the AHEC of a Summer (AHOS) program Friday, June 8th. This summer program is offered to students to provide an opportunity for high school students to experience career opportunities in health care by taking part in volunteer work at health care facilities in their community, and shadowing health care professionals.

Participants go behind the scenes in hospitals and other clinical facilities to learn about current health issues, patient care, career opportunities, volunteer service, post-secondary education requirements for various health professions and more. Participants must commit to a two week time span during the summer and can earn 1/2 credit toward their Louisiana high school diploma if successfully completing the program.

Jumpstart Summers Program

Students are standing next to the Gulf Island Shipyard sign

Rising 10th graders from Hathaway High School, Elton High School, Lacassine High School, Jennings High School, and Welsh High School participated in Jeff Davis Parish's very first JUMPSTART SUMMERS program at SOWELA Technical Community College--Jennings Campus. This program is a 5 week summer session designed for Rising 10th graders. The program is free of charge to participants and provides an opportunity for students to explore future career paths.

While participating in this program, students:
1. Gain direct instruction in NCCER CORE from a certified instructor with the opportunity to earn NCCER Core credential and 2 complimentary credentials: Osha-10 and CPR
2. Experience industry-related Job shadowing opportunities
3. Meet new people and build new friendships
4. Experience life on a community/technical college campus
5. Earn up to 2 carnegie credits towards high school graduation requirements
6. Earn a $400 stipend

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Upcoming Events

Excel Basics
Date: 7/23/2018, 8:30 AM 10 AM
Location: Tech Center
Excel Beyond The Basics
Date: 7/23/2018, 10:30 AM 12 PM
Location: Tech Center
Gmail/Tasks/Keep/Google Calendar Basics
Date: 7/23/2018, 1 PM 3 PM
Location: Tech Center
Promethean Beginners
Date: 7/24/2018, 8:30 AM 9:30 AM
Location: Tech Center
Promethean Intermediate
Date: 7/24/2018, 9:30 AM 10:30 AM
Location: Tech Center

District Spotlight

Christina Fontenot

Christina Fontenot, Principal of Lacassine High, named finalist for the Louisiana Principal of the Year. 

This year, school systems submitted about 300 nominations for Teacher and Principal of the Year. The Department named 48 semifinalists in April 2018. A state team then narrowed that pool to the 9 finalists. Ms. Christina Fontenot, Principal of Lacassine High was named a finalist Those finalists will soon participate in face-to-face interviews with state selection committees led by community and education leaders. The selection committees, comprised of past Teachers and Principals of the Year, representatives of educator associations, business groups, and others, will ultimately choose the state division-level and overall winners.
All Teacher and Principal of the Year finalists and semi-finalists will be honored and the overall state-level winners will be announced at the 12th Annual Cecil J. Picard Educator Excellence Symposium and Celebration on Friday, July 27, 2018, at the Crowne Plaza Executive Center in Baton Rouge. The event is co-sponsored by Dream Teachers, a nonprofit organization that partners with businesses, industry representatives and organizations throughout the state to recognize and reward educators who model instructional excellence and dedication to serve the needs of children.
Congrats to Ms. Fontenot ...Good Luck and GO Cardinals!!!!!!
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