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School Safety

The SafeSchools Alert reporting system is not for emergencies requiring immediate attention.  Please continue to use existing systems for reporting emergencies.  SafeSchools Alert reports are monitored and investigated during the regular hours of operation of the Jeff Davis Parish School Board.  If you have an immediate emergency outside the school day please contact one of the following agencies:
Jeff Davis Sheriff's Office            337-824-3850
Jennings Police Department       337-821-5513
Lake Arthur Police Department   337-774-2411
Welsh Police Department            337-734-2626
Elton Police Department              337-584-2200
Fenton Police Department           337-756-2321
Emergency Guidelines for Parents
Jeff Davis Parish Schools is committed to providing a safe environment for students, employees and visitors.  District personnel work collaboratively with national, state, and local safety officials (police, fire, emergency medical services, and public health) in order to ensure that all schools are prepared in the event of an emergency. 
All schools develop a Crisis Response Plan that serves as a guide to help employees and safety partners respond quickly should a crisis arise.  Parents should be assured to know that the safety procedures in placed are extensive and in compliance with Revised Statue 17:416.16.  Each school has a Crisis Response Team and safety measures in place to provide a safe learning environment for students.  All employees are prepared to respond to a wide variety of school emergencies.  
Facts and Terms Every Parent Should Know
Should an emergency situation occur at your child's school, it is important that parents are familiar with the following terms:
  1. Lockdown  During an internal lockdown, all school interior and exterior doors are locked and students are confined to their classrooms and no entry or exit is permissible.  This takes place when there is a possible threat outside of the school.  In the event of an active shooter situation inside the building, students and staff are trained in the ALICE training protocol.  These steps are part of a national movement and have become standard protocol recommended by FEMA. 

    Step 1. Alert everyone in the danger zone (on school campus) that there is an active shooter and give the location of the active shooter. Use plain language and don’t use code words. The public should not be alerted of the exact whereabouts of the shooter. The Superintendent or his designee will make the decision as to when to alert the public of the active shooter situation.

    Step 2. Lockdown or prepare to Evacuate  Lockdown alone will significantly endanger occupants in an active shooter event. If you choose to lockdown, you will then proceed to barricade the room, silence mobile devices, and always be ready to perform a rapid evacuation. If you choose to evacuate, do so rapidly and quickly.

    Step 3. Inform the campus with real time information as to the whereabouts of the shooter. This will allow other areas of the school to evacuate.

    Step 4. Counter offenses should be used once the shooter is in the room and has moved past the barricade. Create noise, movement, distance, distraction, and throw objects.

    Step 5. Evacuate to a safe place to remove yourself from the threat once you have information that it can be safe to perform a rapid evacuation.

  2. Evacuation  An evacuation to a Shelter-in-Place may be necessary for the following reasons:  arson, fire, explosion, hazardous materials leak/spill, bomb threat, or inclement weather (tornado, hurricane, severe thunderstorms).  Each school has a procedure for helping parents locate their children.  Parents will be director to a specific location where they will be required to show proper identification in the event the Superintendent makes a decision to release students.
  3. Shelter-In-Place  This refers to taking refuge in an area inside or outside of a school until it is safe to release students.  For example, this procedure may be implemented inside for hazardous materials that have been released from a nearby accident.  This procedure may also be implemented outside (away from the school) in case there is bomb threat.  Every school in our district has inside and outside Shelter-In-Place locations.
Steps for Parents/ Guardians
  • Ensure that your child's enrollment form is current with accurate address and phone numbers and contains emergency contact information (Family contacts with authority to pick up your child).
  • Make sure you have your child's school APP on your phone so you can get important updates regarding emergency situations
  • Stay turned to local television or radio stations for updates on schedule changes for schools.
In the event of a crisis situation:
  • Please do not call the school or school board office.  Phone lines, if working will be used for emergency communication.
  • Stay away from a school campus.  You will not be allowed inside.  Emergency protocol prevents administrators, teachers, and staff from opening doors under ANY circumstances.  They are working to maintain calmness and ensure children's safety.  It is important for parents to respect this protocol because in fact you may be putting yourself in danger by driving up to a school crisis event.  
  • The Superintendent and Principal will keep parents apprised of events through JCampus Parent Messenger, School APP, District webpage, etc. 
  • No children will be dismissed from school until Superintendent makes decision with law enforcement.
  • If children are dismissed, no children will be dismissed from school unless a parent or approved emergency contact arrive with proper identification.  
  • School bus transportation will be provided when deemed appropriate by school officials and law enforcement.
Schools are the safest places where children can be during most crises.  All school employees will remain with children until all have been reunited with their parents or approved emergency contact.  
If you see something say something:  Department of Homeland Security