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Student Registration

To meet the Jeff Davis Parish school registration requirements the parent/guardian must provide the following documents for each child to the designated school registration personnel.
  1. Proof of Custody (if child in not living with biological parents)  *  The custody document must be signed by a judge and must name the applicant as the physical, custodial, or domiciliary parent.
  2. A birth certificate
  3. Proof of residence (2 forms):  a current utility bill (electric,gas, water) in parent/guardian's name  * If renting, a copy of the lease 
  4. A social security card (if available)
  5. Student's withdrawal form from previous school, as well as last report card
  6. Immunization records
  7. All documentation for additional services needed:  Special Education (IEP), 504 accommodations (IAP), medical needs, legal issues, etc. 
Pre-K Registration:

Proof of Income –Documentation for ONE of the following:


Two (2) consecutive check stubs for EACH PARENT or CAREGIVER IN THE HOUSEHOLD for the current year (within 2 months from the date of filling out this application   OR


       An official letter from your employer stating all of the following:

  •        Where parent/guardian is employed
  •        Hourly rate of pay
  •        The average number of hours parent/guardian works per week OR


                        SNAP/Food Stamps – must include the child’s name and valid effective dates  OR       


A statement from the Social Security Administration verifying that the child listed on the application is a recipient of SSI benefits, which must be accompanied by two current check stubs  OR


Current foster care placement agreement from DCFS OR


Parents unemployed must submit a letter of support and income documentation from support source OR


Families in a temporary living arrangement due to loss of housing or economic hardship (homeless form)