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Homework Resources

Homework Resources

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Discover Education homework resource



Common Core Instructional Shifts

Conceptual understanding; Procedural skill and fact fluency; Application of skills to real life situations; Perseverance in problem solving

Common Core Parent Roadmaps for Math grades K-HS (English & Spanish)

Videos and resources for upper grades

Videos and resources for all math grades
Students can work 20 problems per day free of charge
Math illustrated
Homework help in math.
Eureka math resource for parents of students grades K-8
Interactive instruction, help online & offline

Online math textbooks, ask teacher for login


English Language Arts

ELA Common Core Instructional Shifts

Read & understand complex, nonfiction text; Answer text dependent questions verbally and through writing; Write argumentative essays and support opinions with research

Common Core Parent Roadmaps for ELA grades K-HS (English & Spanish)

Headsprout Early Reading for K-2nd



Online science textbooks, ask teacher for login


Social Studies family_visit/index.html


Keyboarding Skills Practice
Typing Adventure
is a game that young students can use to practice their typing skills.

Z-type is a simple and fun typing game. Type the words falling from the screen and a laser shoots them.

Accessible from school, home, public library, mobile devices


**Resources provided in the Homework Resource Section at the top of this document correlate with ELA as well**

Parent Guides
to Success

The following guides explain what the Key Concepts are per grade level in ELA and Math, activities parents can help their child learn at home, and topics for parents to talk to thier child's teacher regarding his/her academic progress.