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Parents make the difference! 

This newsletters provides practical, proven information for parents, on a comprehensive array of school success topics.

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School Success Library

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School Success Library

Articles for Parents to Help Children Succeed in School


1. Early Childhood Education
2. Building Student Responsibility
3. The Influence of Home on School              Success



4. Parenting Ideas That Really Work
5. Preventing Conflicts and Violence
6. Building Reading Skills
7. Spending Time with Children



8. Motivating Students
9. Imporving Discipline
10. Building Study Skills

1. Early Childhood Education
1. Six great ways to spend time with young children.
2. Is your child slow in developing speech?
3. Eye-to-eye approach helps improve communication.
4. Get ready for school with immunizations.
5. Dinner's a good time to cook up new words.
6. Can you recognize signs that your child may need help?
7. Everychild should have these motorskills.
8. Parents can make math fun for preschoolers.
9. Show your toddler how to share.
10. Help young children learn to love reading.
11. What should parents do when young children lie?
12. Helping others teaches children responsibility.
13. Test Your Knowledge of Child Development

2. Building Student Responsibility
1. Responsibility means accepting consequences.
2. Three ways to help children develop responsible habits.
3. Don’t do for children what they can do for themselves.
4. Parents can help children become responsible citizens.
5. Help children learn to make responsible decisions.
6. Responsible money management can be taught at home.
7. Help your child resist procrastinating about chores.
8. How does your child rate on this responsibility quiz?
9. Three steps for teaching children to accept responsibility.
10.Turning over responsibility to children shows respect.

3. The Influence of Home on School Success
1. Research says parents vital to school success.
2. Parents can promote good attendance.
3. Parents can help children make friends.
4. Parents can help children with a problem at school.
5. Parents should know their child's learning style.
6. Parents should prepare for the parent-teacher conference.
7. Parents can help children on test day.
8. Parents can make homework time more productive.
9. Parents can call the teacher.
10.Parents can teach the basics at home.
11.Avoid Five Pitfalls of Working Parents

4. Parent Ideas That Really Work
1.Kids need parents to be their parents ...not their friends.
2.Easy, firm or tough—which produces the best students?
3.You can say ‘no’ to children without feeling guilty.
4.Five great ways to boost your parent power.
5.Five more great ways to boost your parent power.
6.Expect elementary-aged children to do some chores.
7.How to tell if you—or your children are in charge.
8.Be careful not to put too much pressure on your child.
9.How parents can avoid being manipulated by children.
10.How to talk so kids will listen . . . and talk . . . to you.
11.Does your child really know that you love him?
12.How to get help when you need it.

5. Preventing Conflicts and Violence
1. Schools, parents must work together to prevent violence.
2. Parents can help teachers, children keep schools safe.
3. What causes violence and what does it do to children?
4. Parents can help combat bad effects of TV violence.
5. Teach your child how to put an end to bullying at school.
6. Teach your child the skills to help resolve normal conflicts.
7. The do's and don'ts of problem solving.
8. How one parent put an end to name calling.
9. Teach your child how to be safe all through the year.
10.What can parents do about violence?


6. Building Reading Skills
1. Simple activities will help build reading skills.
2. Books with good beginnings will excite reluctant readers.
3. Five reasons kids don't read—and how to overcome them.
4. Five ways to get kids excited about reading.
5. Help your child practice reading aloud.
6. How to help when your child doesn't know a word.
7. Active children need reading materials handy.
8. Students can learn to find main ideas when they read.
9. Put reading and writing at the heart of your home.
10.Read children's books yourself.
11.Playing 'firsts & lasts' helps reinforce phonics, spelling.
12. Look for books with Newbery and Caldecott medals.

7. Spending Time with Children
1. Have fun one-on-one.
2. Quality time is fine, but children need a lot of it.
3. A dozen activities that teach respect.
4. Activities that promote honesty.
5. Activities that teach patience.
6. Activities that teach perseverance.
7. Activities that teach tolerance.
8. Knowing how to follow directions.
9. Family meetings teach cooperation, communication.
10.Parents and kids can practice listening.

8. Motivating Students
1. Four things that will make any child successful.
2. Help your child overcome these barriers to success.
3. Help your child to set goals that challenge and motivate.
4. Prevent procrastination.
5. Try incentives and rewards.
6. Emphasize these "A's" and "B's".
7. Teach your child the 'success secret' of hard work.
8. Kids need to hear these three messages.
9. Help your child develop an 'I can do it' attitude.
10.When Your Child and the Teacher Don't Get Along.

9. Improving Discipline
1. Disciplining with respect.
2. Be firm, fair and consistent.
3. Here's how to stop whining.
4. Set up routines.
5. What to do when children challenge your authority.
6. Tried-and-true tricks of the trade for dealing with defiant behavior.
7. Ending power struggles—how to get kids to accept con-trol willingly.
8. 'I don't love your behavior, but I do love you."
9. Do any of these discipline mistakes sound familiar?
10.Parents must set the stage for self-discipline.
11.Recognize and Tame Temper Tantrums Quickly

10. Building Study Skills
1. Get into the homework habit.
2. Organize assignments rights away.
3. Set up a study spot.
4. Don't make these study mistakes.
5. Stick with a study routine.
6. Plan projects step-by-step.
7. Notes make listening more productive.
8. Make memorizing easier.
9. A craftsman can't work without the right tools.
10. Step-by-step method helps students study for tests.


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