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Jefferson Davis Parish Campuses

Landscape View facing Elton Elementary School

PreK - 5th

Elton Elementary School

614 Powell Rd.
Elton, Louisiana 70532
Phone: (337) 584-2892

Landscape View facing James Ward Elementary School

PreK - 2nd

James Ward Elementary School

208 Shankland Ave.
Jennings, Louisiana 70546
Phone: 337-824-1235
Fax: 337-824-3155

Landscape View facing Jennings Elementary School

3rd - 6th

Jennings Elementary School

620 Florence Street
Jennings , Louisiana 70546
Phone: 337-824-4972
Fax: 337-824-4989

Landscape View facing Lake Arthur Elementary School

PreK - 6th

Lake Arthur Elementary School

500 N. Main Street Lake
Arthur , Louisiana 70549

Landscape View facing Welsh Elementary School

PreK - 5th

Welsh Elementary School

222 E. Bourgeois St.
Welsh , Louisiana 70591
Phone: (337) 734-2351

Middle School
Landscape View facing Welsh-Roanoke Jr. High School

6th - 8th

Welsh-Roanoke Jr. High School

8150 Hwy. 90
Roanoke, Louisiana 70581
Phone: (337) 753-2317

High School (9-12)
Landscape View facing Welsh High School

9th - 12th

Welsh High School

306 E. Bourgeois St.
Welsh, Louisiana 70591
Phone: 337-734-2361

Combination Schools
Landscape View facing Elton High School

6th - 12th

Elton High School

903 2nd Street
Elton, Louisiana 70532
Phone: (337) 584-2991

Landscape View facing Fenton Elementary School

PreK - 8th

Fenton Elementary School

509 First Street
Fenton, Louisiana 70640
Phone: (337) 756-2326

Landscape View facing Hathaway High School

PreK - 12th

Hathaway High School

4040 Pine Island Hwy
Jennings, Louisiana 70546
Phone: 337-824-4452
Fax: 337-824-2769

Landscape View facing Jennings High School

7th - 12th

Jennings High School

2310 N. Sherman St.
Jennings , Louisiana 70546
Phone: (337) 824-0642
Fax: (337) 824-5585

Landscape View facing Lacassine High School

PreK - 12th

Lacassine High School

409 Algonia Ave
Lacassine, Louisiana 70650
Phone: (337) 588-4205

Landscape View facing Lake Arthur High School

7th - 12th

Lake Arthur High School

4374 Tiger Lane lake
Arthur, Louisiana 70549
Phone: 337-774-5152
Fax: 337-774-2522

Instructional Programs
Landscape View facing West End Instructional Center

1st - 12th

West End Instructional Center

802 W. Jefferson St.
Jennings, Louisiana 70546
Phone: 337-824-9521

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Contact Information

Jefferson Davis Parish Schools
203 E. Plaquemine St.
Jennings, Louisiana 70546
Phone: (337) 824-1834
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