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Jefferson Davis Parish School Closure Updates 5-6-2020

Posted Date: 05/06/2020

Jefferson Davis Parish School Closure Update

Message from Superintendent, Kirk Credeur

May 6, 2020

Last week, the Department distributed to school systems nearly $260 million in federal funding to address unfinished learning from the 2019-2020 school year, set the foundation for continuous learning in 2020-2021, and prepare for potential modified operations in the future. Jefferson Davis Parish portion of this fund is almost 1.5 million dollars.  These additional dollars are provided to meet the mandates of the grant.

To help school systems prioritize how they spend these dollars, the Department released a guide that outlines how they should build on the 2020-2021 academic plans they had developed before school facilities were closed to meet new academic and operational demands. The guide is named Strong 2020 Louisiana’s Plan A Planning Guide for School Systems In Implementing Priorities And Aligning Funds. A long name but it provides precise guidance for implementing a plan to ensure lost learning is addressed and school systems are ready to manage another situation such as the one we were presented. The Department articulated a strong start to 2020-2021 will ensure:

·         Every student's academic needs are identified at the beginning of the year using high-quality diagnostic tools and assessments that align to Louisiana's learning standards.

·         There is a plan for every student, including extra time and support for students with the greatest unfinished learning from the prior year.

·         There are clear next steps for every high school student and recent graduate who will enter a new economy.

Additionally, the Department advised all school systems to have strong yet agile continuous education plans that provide standards-aligned instruction using high-quality curriculum during future school facilities closures or modified operations, including provisions for:

·         1:1 device and internet access, including assistive technology for students with disabilities;

·         A strategic communications plan to connect with every student on a daily basis, provide weekly feedback on students' work, and communicate a family's role in supporting their child's continuous learning;

·         Versatile delivery methods for instruction, related services, and professional development;

·         Adaptive staffing models that optimize teaching talent and student support; and

·         Flexible and opportunistic calendars and school schedules that maximize learning opportunities in a dynamic public health context.


We have two more Monday’s scheduled for food pick up before the ASSIST program takes over and begins their summer feeding program.  At this time it looks like the programming component of their summer program will not be provided but the food component will.

The Jennings Elementary project will go out for construction bids approximately May 20th.  We are only about two weeks behind a very aggressive schedule that we initiated in the beginning. This will obviously not delay the anticipated opening of the school.

The Elton Elementary project is also continuing on track and we have recently received the building funds from the investor and have deposited them in interest bearing accounts to generate as much money for the Elton district as possible before we have to start withdrawals during the building process.

All of the High School graduation dates are scheduled and are posted on the district website.  I am very pleased that we are going to offer regular graduation ceremonies at this time.

Stay safe, wash your hands and practice social distancing.


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