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Jefferson Davis Parish School System will provide all students with educational opportunities
to achieve success in a multicultural global society.

Our Super Learners Make Super Leaders!
Work Hard * Answer Honestly * Respect Others * Do Your Best!

The school, home, and community work to provide an educational environment conducive to student mastery of skills necessary for success in third grade.  Student pride in learning, self-discipline, and effective social skills are nurtured by faculty and staff in preparing students to become responsible, contributing members of society.

1.          Believing that all students can learn, student learning is the chief responsibility for the school.

2.          Students with exceptional needs are to be provided with the special resources to address those needs and lead to academic success.       

3.          Opportunities for student success are maximized through activities that actively engage students in the learning process.

4.          Recognizing that students learn differently, curriculum and instructional practices must incorporate a variety of effective teaching strategies addressing these different learning styles.

5.          We believe that through producing quality work and solutions to problems in meaningful contexts, students demonstrate their degree of understanding of essential skills and objectives

6.          Student understanding of skills and objectives is further measured through a variety of assessment tools which take into account different learning styles.

7.          Mutual respect among students and staff in a safe and nurturing environment enhances students’ self-esteem and social skills.

8.          Self-discipline grows as students are challenged and supported through appropriate opportunities to make effective and responsible decisions.

9.          Teachers, administrators, parents, and the community share responsibility for implementing procedures and promoting a positive learning environment in order to successfully maximize all students’ potential.

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