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SACS CASI District Accreditation Process
Jefferson Davis School District has recently completed reaccreditation through the SACS CASI district accreditation process. The District Accreditation process provides a vehicle for assisting school systems to effectively identify their strengths and areas needing improvement. It also provides external experienced professionals who, through a structured onsite visit, assess the capacity of the system to meet the criteria for accreditation, commend worthy accomplishments, and recommend strategies that hold the promise of important systemic improvements.
To earn accreditation from SACS CASI, schools must:
1. Meet the AdvancED standards. The standards require that schools have a clear vision and purpose; have effective and responsive leadership; have a rigorous curriculum taught through sound, research-based methods; collect, report, and use performance results; provide adequate resources and support for its educational programs; value and communicate with stakeholders; and have a commitment to continuously improve. The standards are derived from educational research and best practice. They can be viewed and downloaded at AdvancED.
2. Engage in a continuous process of improvement. Accredited schools are committed to being better today than they were yesterday. The schools identify a shared vision, maintain a school-wide profile of the current reality, establish plans and assess the implementation of interventions, and document the results of their efforts to improve student learning and school effectiveness.
3. Demonstrate quality assurance through internal and external review. Internal review involves the schools and their stakeholders. External review involves feedback from experienced educators outside the schools. In both cases, reviewers examine evidence to determine if schools are meeting the standards and achieving goals for improving student learning and school effectiveness.
SACS CASI Documents Submitted to External Review Team:

2015 AdvancEd External Review Report

This report describes the findings that the external review committee found when they studied our district. 
The Jefferson Davis Parish School system met and exceeded the standards set forth by AdvancEd, proved to be engaged in a process of continuous improvement, and demonstrated quality assurance for improving student learning and school effectiveness.